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5 Web Design Trends for 2017

- 15.12.17 -

Leading into the new year, we have done a little research into the upcoming trends among the web design community. A great article, by John Moore Williams of Webflow, highlighted a number of these trends that we too aim to consider when developing new concepts for our clients. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends that we have already begun implementing in our website design and development this year.


The arrangement of design elements within a given structure should allow the reader to easily focus on the message, without slowing down the speed of his reading.

-Hermann Zapf

Better collaboration between designers and developers

At Myadd, collaboration is a must. From start to finish designers work with developers as a team to ensure those beautifully creative concepts can come to fruition and achieve a seamless end result.

Big, bold type

There are so many ways that type can be used to present a message to your audience, whether it be a subtle hint or a brash promotion, what better way is there to send a pointed message than through words?

More and brighter color

Coloured overlays, subtle gradients and bold contrasts can assist in asserting hierarchy among information and separate different sections of an extensive web page. Draw the users eye or show them what information you want them to read first using colour.

Animation and video

Our development of the Cool Hand Media website is a great example of how video can replace static imagery - no longer slowing down page load times - but creating a vibrant and engaging first impression.