Aaron Haarsma

Creative Director


As head of digital strategy and creative, Aaron leads our studio design and development team. His days encompass managing client campaigns, digital and media strategies as well as creative concepts and production.

Always on the go and frequently out of the office, the place is a lot quieter and calmer in his absence. Not a morning person or originally a coffee enthusiast, the new Nespresso machine has made it a little easier to get through the morning and late nights, whilst the 90 second drive from home to work does allow him a little more Z’s. Highly driven and focused, outside the office you will find him enjoying his time travelling, socialising, shopping or enjoying sport and playing guitar all with style and flair we are told. His enthusiasm for history and strategy, from computer games and documentaries to chess and Axis & Allies combined with a fiercely competitive nature (it is reported he loved Monolopy as a kid) we wonder if one day he wishes to take over the world.