Important: Recent Website Contact Forms

As today’s technology, online security and mechanism to send and receive email correspondence continues to evolve and become more intricate, it is important to recognise changes in how mail delivery is sent from websites. Further with the growth of Crypto currencies, the sophistication of spam bots has increased over the past 6 months adding to more spam emails.

As a rule contact forms will often try to flag and block spam emails, unfortunately this can also block genuine lead enquiries from customers too. To make the matter more complicated, hosting companies and developers whose software is often used to transact this form of communication, are continually updating their systems to match those specified by search engines and in an attempt to block more sophisticated spam techniques.

As a result many websites are now running out dated hosting, email contact forms and code that can no longer guarantee that legitimate contact forms will be delivered to your inbox.

As we understand the importance of clients receiving and actioning all leads generated via the website, Myadd is offering a new service to ensure that your contact forms work and you receive any and all lead generated enquiries via the website.

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