Our Story

Our Story to Date

Myadd Advertising + Digital is a full service accredited advertising agency with over 30 years of experience. Its origins date back to 1987 when the use of bromides were a common production method for print, TV was 4:3 ratio, and commercials were delivered via courier to station on 1 inch dubs and Dats. Yes the CD had only just been invented and MP3 and emails were years away.

Fast forward to today and Myadd Advertising + Digital is one of Adelaide’s leading digital advertising agencies, comprising of web developers, designers, software engineers, UX designers, app developers, social media managers and project supervisors. Known as our studio, our design and development team injects its energy to challenge the status quo, whilst understanding the attributes needed to make digital campaigns successful in the market place and the consumers it targets.

The Myadd Advertising + Digital team is comprised of passionate staff with a diverse range of knowledge and skills ensuring creative collaboration and communication, bringing together their knowledge and understanding to deliver projects, concepts, designs and optimal solutions to every project.

Your business is important to you, making it important to us, and no job is too big, or too small. Our experience, knowledge and broad involvement in all aspects of marketing provide you the client, with a substantial choice when planning and deciding how to promote your business.

Lifting your business profile is achieved by producing strong creative communication based campaigns in sync with your objectives. Encompassing interactive strategies, campaigns, website content and graphic design plus social media means we can reach your target market and the consumer in the most cost effective manner, engaging with people through their preferred medium and device.

Importantly, Myadd Advertising + Digital is able to combine traditional thinking with current mediums and communications to deliver a resultant range of marketing campaigns.

Myadd Advertising + Digital is more than a name. We are a group of dedicated individuals with integrity, dedication and a like-minded vision who apply their broad range of skills, to ensure our client’s vision is also ours.

Introducing Myadd Digital

After 30 years experience Myadd Digital was born as a result of growing and changing consumer trends and the desire for clients to target and better engage these audiences via new digital mediums. Officially launched in 2017, Myadd Digital is a dedicated advertising and marketing agency developed to achieve measureable results for clients. With a rich resource of knowledge and experience across our team, we are able to combine digital innovation with traditional advertising strategies, providing Myadd Digital the ability to meet clients objectives through a variety of media channels and platforms regardless of size and budget.

At Myadd Digital we are too aware that any advertising and marketing investment needs to generate a return on investment - a skill honed over 30 years of experience practicing and applying the best traditional advertising methods. In today’s ever changing retail market the competition is fiercer than ever, and consumer expectations have become increasingly more demanding. As a result, Myadd Digital provides cost effective 100% accountable and trackable solutions for your digital strategy.

We not only focus on ensuring your digital reach is targeted and measurable, but that your ability to maximise your conversion rate and stay top of mind with potential and existing customers is critical and the cornerstone of our strategies.

At Myadd Digital, we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of digital marketing technologies and can provide cost effective interactive software solutions that enhance customer experiences and streamline your sales efficiency. Our in house team located in Adelaide and Sydney includes designers, media planners and buyers, web and app developers, content writers, social media and Google Certified campaign managers.

If you're after digital agency that can look at your business holistically, see opportunities where others can't and deliver cost effective digital advertising and marketing solutions we'd love to hear from you.

Finally a digital agency that understands measurable results and the need to generate a return on investment.

Vision, Mission & Values

Myadd Advertising + Digital strives to be abreast of the latest software developments and technologies within a broad sector of business and industries, so that we may deliver knowledgeable recommendations and viable solutions. Our aim is to provide resultant marketing that not only achieves client objectives, but exceeds them.

We pride ourselves on ensuring key messaging is delivered, on time and on budget. Communication is vital and is our core business - communicating client messages to the broader market - so it’s imperative this level of communication and exchange of ideas is represented throughout the planning, development and execution of every campaign.


Each and everyone at Myadd Advertising + Digital is empowered to take responsibility for their own projects, goals, personal growth and provide a positive contribution to the tasks, clients and the team. We have a shared responsibility and accountability to speak up, take initiative and maintain our teams strong foundation, whilst also be a positive agent of change.


To act with integrity and honesty on each and every project we undertake and the clients and suppliers we interact with. We are accountable for the decisions we make, to one another and the clients we service.


We desire for all people who undertake to work with us to have positive and meaningful interaction. We pride ourselves on a service first environment and the value of a lifelong customer.


Through commitment to people, systems and innovation, we strive to provide value, service and solutions to our clients and key stakeholders on each and every project we undertake.


In order to achieve and evolve and grow, one should be prepared to return the favour and support local and enterprising initiatives. We appreciate and respect the diversity of our team and we realise we are part of a wider and broader community and strive to support local businesses and associations.


We value a holistic and balanced work environment. We strive for excellence and try to have fun and celebrate where possible. We encourage individual and team behaviours that support a healthy positive lifestyle.

Through our associated products and services, Myadd Advertising + Digital is proud to support the below community initiatives: