Tech Dry

myadd digital tech dry project on laptop

The Objective

To rebrand Stop Salt Damp as Tech Dry and carry this new identity through to their corporate stationery and the development of a new website. The brief was to bring a personal feel to the website, highlighting those who provide the Tech Dry services.

myadd digital tech dry project

The Work

Our goal was to completely overhaul the Stop Salt Damp branding and redevelop a new logo and style that successfully represents Tech Dry, it’s services and what the company stand for. The branding was carried through to corporate stationery, social media, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) and promotional video and animation.

Video Animation

To help their customers understand the process Tech Dry takes in treating salt damp, we assisted in the production of an animated informatory video that depicts what salt damp is and how Tech Dry prevent and treat it in your home.