The Objective

To design a front of house website to inform and instruct those wishing to learn more about beacon based technologies and the beaconnected product. The site also need to act as an access point to the client portal in which clients have access to create and update their offers sent via the beacon Bluetooth messaging.

Beaconnected tablet iphone

The Work

Design and develop a new website that reflects the Beaconnected app. Establish a corporate brand and provide consumers and merchants with information about the new technology and its features and benefits.

Develop a client portal to enable clients to add, edit and update the information displayed on the beacons.

Social media is also used to promote special offers for the businesses that work in conjunction with Beaconnected. Myadd Advertising + Digital runs the following social media platforms for Beaconnected:


Instructional Video

Beaconnected needed an easy way to explain to merchants and customers what beacon technology can do for them. Through the use of instructional videos developed by Myadd Advertising + Digital, users can also quickly and effectively download the app, sign up or join Beaconnected and set up their beacons.