Regent Homes

The Objective


The main aims for the Regent Homes website were to enhance the site with new features and content, increase user efficiency for both client and site visitors, improve organic ranking to provide visitors with more defined and updated information, to showcase new display homes and their locations and offer users more opportunities of getting in touch and engage via the website.



The Work

Using existing CMS, Myadd Advertising + Digital was able to streamline the site by removing redundant code, increasing the site’s performance and load time.

Myadd also facilitates Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) campaigns targeted at both customers and suppliers, as well as manages the company’s social media accounts. Social media is an effective tool for the Regent Homes and the real estate industry, providing the ability to promote open houses, new displays and opening times while spreading the word to members of the community. Myadd runs the following social media platforms for Regent Homes, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


TV Production

‘Meet the Watsons’ was a concept developed to allow the presenter to tell a story about a family who lives their ordinary lives in an extraordinary house built by Regent Homes. The presenter takes viewers through the home sharing the features of the home while providing insight into the family’s lives.