Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Widely regarded, as one of the most cost effective and best forms of communication, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), also known as email newsletters, can be a great way to reinforce your business name, product or service, by staying and keeping top of mind with regular emails. Myadd Digital create and build a range of EDM’s featuring countdown clocks, sliders and accordion banners to maximise impact and be noticed.

We can design and send on your behalf or integrate with templates from leading email software companies such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. Using HTML code our emails are responsive, targeted and results driven. All campaigns include reports and analysis, as well knowledge on best subject headers to use and times to send to ensure you receive the best possible open rate.


We choose to use Mailchimp as our EDM service due its reliability and flexibility when putting your campaign together.

Some examples of our clients emails.