Google Ads

Myadd Digital offers online marketing strategies and advice, focused on Google Ads (Pay Per Click) as either a stand-alone campaign or in conjunction with your existing marketing objectives. planning.


Why use Myadd Digital for your Google Ads campaign


There are no inflated click charges or hidden fees
Our process is transparent, with more flexibility in terms of choosing your advertising periods
We guide your through the process and which key terms are working
We monitor your spend to deliver overall budget efficiency
We can make budget adjustment to coincide with trends, peaks and troughs in the market


Campaign set up encompasses

  • Keyword research
  • Negative keyword list creation
  • Mapping of keywords to landing pages
  • Ad group and ad copy creation
  • Ensure Google Ads is linked and communicating with Google analytics
  • Relevant conversion creation
  • Call tracking set up and testing
  • Set up reporting

Campaign performance monitoring

  • Undertake regular updates and changes
  • Add negative keywords
  • Change keyword match types
  • Optimise ad copy
  • Optimise your campaign, to receive more conversions
  • Monitor your quality scores, then make updates to improve them
  • Take advantage of Ad Extensions relevant to your campaign
  • Monitor conversion tracking
  • Implementing new features as they become available
  • Follow competitor campaigns to see if and how they may impact on your activity
  • Link your Google Ads and analytics accounts to review your paid traffic behaviour in comparison to other traffic sources
  • Provide result reports
  • Encourage regular meetings between client and Myadd