Website Hosting

Hosting is actual space on a server within a data centre. We use Australian-based hosting companies because they provide a high level of performance for your website. If you are tempted to seek cheaper alternatives, you may sacrifice performance which can be detrimental to your business image.

Australian Based Hosting

We support Australian businesses. It is important that our hosting partners understand how we conduct business, what requirements we have and most importantly, that they can be contacted locally.

cPanel Interface

Our hosting plans are cPanel based which makes managing email addresses and website files easy. To make your life even easier, Myadd can set up your email accounts and implement any other associated hosting requirements as they arise.


Unfortunately websites get hacked! Therefore, Myadd has developed a new website protection package which is now available. For more information, please contact us.


What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address in the URL bar you type in to go to a web page.

A domain name is separate from your website hosting. If you wish, you can purchase and use multiple domain names each of which will be directed your website hosting.

How much is a domain name?

The price of purchasing a domain name varies from provider to provider.

A domain name is usually registered for 2 years and required the buyer to provide an ABN. .com only domain names are usually registered for 1 year, and do not require your ABN.

But I already have a domain name!

Whether we are building your website or managing your hosting we will contact your existing domain registrar and have your domain directed to our services.

Should you prefer to leave all the technical elements to someone else, we will discuss everything you need, explain all the steps so that you know what is going on and make the changes and organise everything.

All our domain names come with free DNS hosting and web forwarding and your own control panel so you are covered in all circumstances.

For more information and advice on choosing the right domain to achieve your goal, call us.