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Myadd Pty Ltd is a full service accredited advertising agency with over 40 years experience. We provide a one on one professional relationship with each client, taking the time to listen to business objectives and challenges before preparing and instigating strategic marketing and advertising campaigns based on individual requirements and goals.

Your business is important to you, making it important to us, and no job is too big, or too small. Our experience, knowledge and broad involvement in all aspects of marketing provide you the client, with a substantial choice when planning and deciding how to promote your business.

The Myadd team is comprised of passionate staff with a diverse range of knowledge and skills ensuring creative collaboration and communication, bringing together their knowledge and understanding to discuss projects, concepts, designs and outcomes to ensure we are providing the optimum solution to every project.


We believe that web design is all about
design and usability


  • Leading the way

  • Latest technologies

  • Our technique

  • On target

Time does not stand still so why should you?

Myadd is able to combine traditional thinking and campaigns with new mediums and communications. We offer a range of SEO and web development options whether it is managing databases for targeted E Newsletter campaigns through to enhanced search engine exposure and page ranking. We also setup and maintain your domain name registration, website hosting and Google Analytics.


Our belief is that if you really love what you do
the others will love what comes out of your hands

Myadd has developed strong relationships with many of Adelaide’s leading print, production and media companies, ensuring you receive professional service and options, to maximise your advertising investment.

Our philosophy is simple; to lift client profiles in the market place so the cash registers start to ring!

Lifting your business profile is achieved by producing strong creative communication based campaigns in sync with your objectives.

We undertake your project with a common emphasis on quality and high level of business focus applying innovative thinking and design across all mediums and platforms.

Myadd is more than a name. We are a group of dedicated individuals with integrity, dedication and a like-minded vision who apply their broad range of skills, to ensure our client’s vision is also ours.


Believe it or not, but we don’t just sit around the office coming up with large words and statements such as creative collaboration, innovative commercial design solutions, dynamic and sustainable concepts. We actually have work to show for it; of course we come up with those words too!

TV Commercial
Myadd Showreel 2011
Core Physio
TV Commercial
TV Commercial
Regent Homes
TV Commercial
Office Select
TV Commercial
Inspirations Paint and Colour
TV Commercial
Clarke The Jeweller
TV Commercial
Allingtons Outpost
TV Commercial
Adelaide Marble
TV Commercial
Burnside Plastics
TV Commercial
Print & Design
Print & Design
Jackpot Club
Print & Design
Allingtons Christmas Cattlelog
Print & Design
Print & Design
Cleaning Doctor
Print & Design
Eastwood Security
Print & Design
Print & Design
Tech Dry
Print & Design
Australis Removals
Cleaning Docotor
Garden Design Solutions
Learn GP
Say Solar
Succulent In A Pot
Tech Dry


At Myadd we specialise in
online media to bring viewers to you

SA Quality Home Improvements
Bar Central
Burns For Blinds
Fielders Centenary
Dedicated Systems
Star Academy
Tech Dry

Web Development


Mobile Responsive


Video Pre Roll


Social Media


Google Adwords

Software Applications



These advertising platforms face challenging times, however, utilising effective creative applications and intelligent placement, they will continue to feature in many campaigns.

TV & Radio

Electronic media has experienced substantial changes over the recent years with the introduction of digital options. Let us assist you with your media mix, working through the choices to achieve ‘cut through’ campaigns, delivering the best ROI.


Admin and Sales

managing director

Geoff has been a part of the advertising industry for more than 30 years and has seen many changes in that time. He enjoys new challenges, still gets excited about each campaign, and enjoys working with his long-standing clients, helping them through the ever-changing marketing landscape. He also enjoys being in the field with Myadd’s clients, spending time in their work place so he can truly appreciate the calm and sanctity of his own.

As a keen scuba diver, Geoff tries to disappear beneath the waves as often as possible, has braved his first cave swim and swum with sharks. Do we worry about him being shark bait; not at all! Geoff always chooses meatier, mightier dive buddies so he appears less appetising to the hungry dorsal finned feeder.

general manager

The rock behind the organisation, Margi’s time at Myadd has encompassed everything as the agency started from humble beginnings to what it is today. Through good times and bad, she has always been a constant strength. The self proclaimed organisational mastermind and head referee behind Myadd, handling general administration as well as legal issues while being involved in media and creative strategies.

Other duties have included peace-maker, antagoniser and trouble shooter. As Margi enters the twilight of her career, and starts to wind down, we anticipate the office will be a lot quieter.


creative director

Aaron heads our creative team and is actively involved in client service. His days encompass managing client campaigns, digital and social media strategies as well as creative concepts and the production of television and radio commercials.

Always on the go, from client meetings to production, and whilst not a morning person, the 90 second drive from home to work does allow him a little more Z’s in the morning, although the new coffee machine has made it a little easier. Highly driven and focused, his enthusiasm for history and strategy, from computer games and documentaries to chess, we wonder if one day he wishes to take over the world - Narf!

graphic and digital project manager

Madelaine not only produces outstanding designs for print, outdoor, online and corporate identity, her digital concepts skills prove she can update, edit and tweak with the best of them! Her talent and ability keeps evolving as each week hands her many challenging deadlines in which to produce her high quality of work.

She also bears a striking resemblance to actress Katharine McPhee from the hit series Smash proving you can have beauty, talent and brains. If you don’t believe us, just Google Katharine McPhee.

production manager

Kirsten is Myadd’s Social Media and agency co-ordinator extraordinaire. She is fun, outgoing and loves the movies, which explains why she has spent many happy hours working at Hoyts.

However, her passion for social media has won out and soon she will be spending her days on Facebook, Twitter and more on company time. Yes, Kirsten gets paid for this, although at the interview she did say she would happily do this for nothing and you guessed it, our answer was, "you're hired".

agency co-ordinator

Having studied Communications and Public Relations at uni, nothing gets passed the proofing of hawk eye Laura, or so she says. As an avid Adelaide United soccer fan, Laura can often be found at Hindmarsh Stadium cheering alongside her older brothers at each home game.

graphic designer

Tim is an energetic creative with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications (Graphic Design) and is due to complete his Honours in Printmaking in the near future. Trained as a designer but an illustrator at heart, Tim enjoys blurring the line between what is considered ‘graphic design’, ‘graphic illustration’ and ‘art’ to create his own style of creative work.

As a passionate coffee addict, Tim is seen either with a coffee in hand or frantically searching for his next cup. In his spare time, Tim enjoys creating illustrations for both relief and screen printing. He makes traditional hand-crafted prints as well as printing his own clothing designs.

web developer

Frank claims he has 'enjoyed' being a web developer for over 4 years, gaining vast experience across a range of platforms and industries, however it is only since joining Myadd in 2015 that he now exceeds and applies his passion with devoted attention to each and every project - even on the stressful days, Frank will always have a smile on his face (we think he might be having us on a little).

Frank has a bachelor of science in computing and digital media at Flinders Uni and a keen interest in cars, fitness, technology and gaming. Like most of us he has a infectious desire to travel and spend winters abroad, preferably in Europe where he likes to single handily try and rescue the Greek economy from its current predicament.

web developer

Originally from Recife, Brazil, Adjaxon started his Australian odyssey in Brisbane 8 years ago, before the relaxed lifestyle (and visa conditions) of Adelaide came calling. Adjaxon, affectionately known as Batman and armed with a diploma in software development and a huge IT background, he aims to save the world from tyranny and evil. However, we will settle for website perfection in the meantime. With a strong accent and infectious laugh, 'Jax' has been a welcome addition to the Myadd development team.

web developer

Originally from Canada, Chris holds a Diploma of Web Development and a Diploma of Marketing. While reminiscing about an Australian backpacking adventure many moons ago, Chris was lured back to the sun and surf in 2009 and reckons he might be the only foreigner who actually enjoys the taste of Vegemite. Fortunately, he got entangled in a line of programming code (and not a crocodile) in 2012 and has been hooked ever since. When not enjoying the beaches and cafes of Adelaide with his family he can be found at his computer at home, hacking away at a Bachelor of Information Technology in his spare time.



$ 1480
- one time price -
  • 5 Page HTML website

  • Mobile Responsive Design

  • 1x Domain Name

  • 1 GB storage

  • 10 GB Bandwidth

  • Up to 5 Email Accounts

  • Add-on Content Management
    System (CMS) with documentation
    and 1 hour of training $400

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$ 600
- monthly -
  • Campaign Management

  • Weekly Promotion

  • Regular Posts Across Multiple Platforms

  • Regular Meetings

  • Monthly Report and Analysis

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$ 649
- monthly -
  • Website Analysis

  • Website Content

  • Unique Title and Meta Description

  • Optimising Other On-Site Factors

  • XML Sitemap and Robots.txt

  • Third Party Web Analytics Software

  • Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Offsite Optimisation

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Myadd is always on the look-out for the best talent available to enhance our agency and join our team. We pride ourselves on the following:

  • - We are a highly experienced professional team that specialise in delivering high quality advertising solutions
  • - We are up-to-date with the latest proven technology and web standards
  • - We have a lively, fun and creative team who are experts in our chosen fields
  • - We are experienced in social media and remain up-to-date with the latest online trends

Currently No Positions Available


Virtual Reality and Social Media.

- 05.08.16 -

YouTube enabled 360° videos in March of 2015. In a direct, albeit delayed, response, Facebook began rolling out its own version of the Virtual Realty (VR) technology in June of 2016.

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How Pokémon GO can make money for your business...

- 21.07.16 -

If recently you've almost ran over someone walking erratically across the street or you've visited your local public park or bar and noticed that everyone's eyes are glued to their phones, then chances are all of those people were playing Pokémon GO.

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Why the quality of your social media content is important.

- 15.07.16 -

In 2012, Facebook changed the entire landscape of social media by switching from a chronological News Feed, whereby the newest content is shown first, to an algorithm-based News Feed. It was the first of its kind to decide that it knew what you wanted to see most.

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Good website design should consider...

- 20.06.16 -

Contrary to what you might think, the first thing users look at on a web page isn’t the images. Most casual visitors will be coming to your site looking for information, so they’ll scan the words before they look at photos.

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To Yellow Pages or not to Yellow Pages

- 06.05.16 -

Once again it is that time of the year where the decision to invest in Yellow Pages for another years needs to be made. Before exploring the rational to assist you with your decision to continue with the Yellow Pages or not, ask yourself these questions;

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Shopify eCommerce and Facebook

- 03.02.16 -

Shopify has been one of our eCommerce recommendations for a while now, we love the simple easy to use interface which our clients also find extremely easy to use and love even more. Being a SaaS (Software as a Service) Shopify is continually bringing out new and revised features. Recently they have begun working with Facebook... Read More

2016: The Year of Instagram

- 15.01.16 -

Following the global launch of Instagram ads in late-2015, Instagram is tipped to be the hot social media trend for 2016. Last year, the Facebook-owned social media platform announced that its Australian users are of the most active in the world – with 70% accessing their accounts daily. Read More

Video pre-roll and how to use it best in 2016

- 12.01.16 -

For a while now, YouTube has been the second largest search engine in the world, so it makes sense that video advertising content is now an acceptable part of viewing this platform. However, it is important to remember the best video advertising is watched by web users and not perceived as disruptive. Read More

Google's Mobilegeddon

- 04.12.15 -

If you don't already have a mobile website what are you waiting for?! Google has long been a proponent of mobile searches, gradually helping the technology along by offering a distinct layout for mobile searches. Read More

What is Native Advertising? Part 1

- 20.05.15 -

What is native advertising, check out part 1 of our recent blog on Native advertising and how it is playing a part on your online research and decision making without you possibly knowing? Read More

Is your website mobile friendly? Part 2

- 03.12.14 -

Just one more reason why your website should be mobile optimised; Recently Google just released another feature to inform web browsers on the search page if a website was mobile friendly. Read More

Data(base) Is King

- 13.10.14 -

Why is obtaining peoples email addresses so important to businesses? Depending on how frequent a customer can potentially or does deal with your business...Read More

SEO – what does it mean?

- 25.03.14 -

The digital advertising world is a world filled with acronyms, from SEO, SEM, SEA, SERP, PPC and plenty more. Now we can hear you probably thinking WTF? (wait there’s further?), ...Read More

Social Media changes and where to now?

- 03.03.14 -

It has been well documented that Facebook recently updated their News Feed algorithm, aiming to focus on higher quality content, read the important points to consider when posting on Facebook here ...Read More

Google Hummingbird and Content Trends

- 15.01.14 -

Google has recently launched an updated SEO algorithm in August 2013 to give users more relevant search results. In a move towards more semantic search Google is trying to answer your questions. For those of you wondering what this means in a nutshell: relevant, updated, content ...Read More

Utilising Facebook for Australian businesses

- 24.10.13 -

You may not be surprised to hear that social media has become the number one activity on the web and that more Australian businesses are flocking to the world’s leading social media site, Facebook, to build their brand ...Read More

The growth of Twitter in Australia

- 18.09.13 -

As of June 2013, more than half of Australia’s population are active on the world’s favourite social network, Facebook. Facebook is now well and truly over the one-billion users mark... Read More

Facebook launches verified accounts

- 17.08.13 -

In mid-2012, it was widely reported that, of its 1 billion users, 83 million or 8.7% of Facebook profiles were fake accounts. By May of 2013, it was reported that this number had increased to over 100 million, equivalent to over ...Read More

Instagram launches video

- 16.07.13 -

In mid-June, Instagram announced on their blog that they were launching a video feature on their exceedingly popular sharing platform. The feature went live later that day, allowing users to record and share videos of up to fifteen seconds, with newly added ...Read More


Myadd welcomes Chris to the team!

- 3 Feb 2017 -

Chris joins the Web Development team at Myadd and brings a keen eye for responsive and user centered design.

And there’s another! Welcome to the team Myadd, Tim

- 25 Jan 2017 -

After many years we thought it was time Madelaine had a graphic design buddy! Myadd’s happy to have the creative talents of Tim on board.

Myadd welcomes the newest Web Developer, Adjaxon, to our team.

- 07 Nov 2016 -

Our team just keeps on growing! Myadd is happy to welcome the funny, dedicated and hardworking Adjaxon to our digital web development team.

We decided it was time - we now have a brand new Agency Co-ordinator!

- 17 Oct 2016 -

She was a tough gem to find, but we’ve managed to secure a highly qualified Agency Coordinator and copy writer. Happy to have you Laura!

Our web development team just got better…

- 05 Sep 2016 -

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Eric, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa to our Norwood office.

The Myadd Digital team expands.

- 9 October 2015 -

New addition to the digital team with the addition of our new web developer Frank.

Win a free website valued at up to $15,000

- 16 September 2015 -

To enter simply let Myadd design and build your website for a chance to win 100% cash back on your new website* conditions apply

Myadd launches new Fielders website

- 27 August 2015 -

Recently Myadd launched the new Fielders website, it was fantastic to work on such a large and diverse project for a national company... View Website

Myadd has moved office!

- 9 September 2013 -

On Friday 6th September, we made the long and arduous journey from U2/74 Fullarton Road Norwood, across the car park and upstairs to the building behind our former offices, to Level 1 Unit 4, 6 Montrose Ave, Norwood.

Our phone number remains the same, so all you have to update is our address and we look forward to seeing you in our new office.

Myadd fills new social media roll

- 1 July 2013 -

We welcome Kirsten to the team in our new social media role.

Myadd launches new website

- 23 June 2013 -

Yes after two years of being in the wilderness our new website, has gone live - watch this space for more.


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