Facebook Cover Videos – Be Creative With Video

Facebook Cover Videos Are Now A Thing Now!

When users visit your Facebook business page, the first thing they usually notice is the cover image. This is because the header image takes up the majority of the page. First impressions count so make the cover stand out to achieve stronger brand recognition. All in a matter of seconds!

Myadd recommends using this new, more interesting and engaging format for your business. As this will place you ahead of some of your competitors who are currently using still images.

Short form videos continue to be the most efficient format because it immediately captures the audience’s attention. Videos have been proven to be more effective at driving engagement compared to generic, still images.

Creating and integrating video content into marketing initiatives is nothing new. You really should be embracing video content as part of your paid and organic strategy to reach your target market.

Let Myadd assist you with this; keeping you on trend and catering to consumers expectations, while we make recommendations for content and navigate Facebook’s technical requirements, so you don’t have too.

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