Google Data Sweep

You may have recently heard the term “Google Data Sweep’, as it has certainly become more prominent and in the news of late, in this article we will briefly explain what and why Google’s Data Sweep is so topical.

Google Data Sweep, is in brief; Google’s vast ability to collect immense amounts of consumer data across a range of platforms. Every second of every day, Google is collecting user data that is then processed and analysed to use in a number of defining ways, but above all, this data is utilised to power the vast range of Google associated platforms and services. Ensuring those using Google as their preferred search engine are delivered better and more relent content, compared to other search engines, along with delivering advertisers results and large audience exposure.

For those who have been living under a rock, you may not be aware, that Google have such a vast range of services, that include; Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Search Engine (, YouTube, Gmail, Google Assistant, Google My Business, Google Audience Network, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads Academy, Google News, Google Phones, Google Translator, Google Lens, and many more. These services/products utilise and run by advanced algorithms and “machine learning”. To clarify; Google refers to “machine learning” in its Google Ads as its ability to seek relevant customers to relevant products and find audiences that are likely to buy from your business using “intent to buy” (buyer behaviour) audiences and bidding strategies.

So how do all these algorithms broadly work?

Google use data to make their products & services intuitive and easier to use, which helps as previously stated, advertisers reach potential customers. This also helps consumers searching Google for answers, products or services, by generating search predictions or articles, pre-emptive text and questions and geographically relent content.

A 55-page study, led by Vanderbilt University computer science lecturer Douglas Schmidt, says an idle smartphone running Google’s Android operating system with its Google Chrome browser open sends data transmissions to Google’s servers as regularly as 14 times per hour. Now this article is not about delving into the rabbit hole about Google algorithms or how they use this data or data protection, but simply to state; if you think you can avoid Googles data sweep, whilst maintaining even a small digital footprint, you’re sadly mistaken, it’s unavoidable.

But what if you don’t use Google or browse many websites or even have a smart phone? Maybe you have never had a Gmail E-mail account either, however Google still collect your data when you watch a video on YouTube or a YouTube video that is embedded into another website. Maybe that new TV you bought has Android or your new car came with Android Auto? So, unless you prefer an off grid with no internet or phone, the reality is any of us who are online and have a digital life are susceptible to the data sweeping capabilities. There is no escape!