Why Retailers Are Jumping On To Shoppable Instagram Posts

Instagram has evolved over the years since it first launched in October 2010 and has recently introduced a new feature in Australia by enabling their consumers to shop directly on the platform while scrolling in the newsfeed with a single tap. You can choose multiple photos you would like to feature, tag posts with up to five products for a single image.

These shopping posts give people a very quick snapshot of the product details: description, image of the item, price and a link that takes the consumer straight to the shopping cart where they can purchase – all within a matter of seconds.

Shopping in Instagram Stories is still currently being tested by using product stickers and is only available to certain businesses, however, it will be expected that this feature is going to be widely adapted over the next few months as Instagram continues to test this. Stories will eventually overtake the newsfeed in popularity and shopping directly from this point could potentially increase the amount of traffic and sales for retailers.

Instagram is essentially the shopfront for people to explore the best-selling products with a perfectly curated newsfeed to entice its 800 million active users that are all potential buyers. It will be a feature that more retailers are going to jump on board with as it creates a seamless experience for customers.