Social Media changes and where to now?

It has been well documented that Facebook recently updated their News Feed algorithm, aiming to focus on higher quality content and display regular status updates to those who choose to interact with a friend or business page and not just those listed as friends or fans.

These changes have seen businesses report a huge decrease in traffic from their status updates and less interaction and engagement from their fan base. It has been documented that an average of only 16% of fans now see your generic post in their newsfeed. Facebook recognises that it is now feasible that businesses will no longer be able to ‘get by’ solely on using the free parts of Facebook, and investments in Facebook advertising, via ads or promoted and boosted posts will need to be considered as part of your Facebook strategy.

So how will this affect your business? It is imperative now more than ever to ensure you have engaging content to encourage shares, comments, like and views from your likers so that there is interaction that not only assures your fans see your news feed, but that their friends will also see their comments and shares of your post.

Important points to consider when posting on Facebook;

  • Try and create share-worthy, engaging content
  • Relevant, timely and credible articles
  • Encourage engagement with questions, competitions and incentives
  • Boost post visibility

Finally consider implementing other social media vehicles into your social media strategy

Twitter is gaining a lot of traction in Australia of late with Instagram and pinterest no longer being the new kids on the block and these should now be seriously considered as part of your strategy, especially if your product or service is very visual. We will touch base more on these in our next blog.