Suggestions to consider when creating an ad!

Great print ads capture the imagination, create brand recognition, and inspire consumers to purchase products every single day. Every day, we consume hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements, whether they’re being mailed to us, we read them in a magazine, or we see them on billboards as we drive to work. For every great ad we see, there are many more that aren’t so great. Where a good ad captures attention, we might look at a bad one for less than a second before realising we aren’t interested. For businesses, having great print ads is an absolute must-do.

What makes an ad good? Here are some examples:

Draws attention

If the ad doesn’t draw attention, it’s never going to get noticed. Using one of these techniques correctly can make or break an ad

• Bright colours

• Negative space

• Contrasting big bold fonts

• Eye-catching images

Remember the reader’s attention should be drawn all to one place, and not scattered all over a cluttered ad that’s hard to follow.


Is easy to remember

Great ads leave a lasting impression precisely because they’re so easy to remember.

Whether it’s a creative image or a catchy tagline, something about your ad has to stand out enough for readers to be able to remember it.


Has a clear, simple message

Great ads aren’t often crowded with lots of text—they have simple messages and are easy to follow. The simpler and more concise your message is, the likelier it is to be remembered as time goes on.


Most people know a great ad when they see one, but the above examples should hopefully clarify exactly what it is that makes some ads stand out, and others fade into the distance.

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