Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

There are a stack of acronyms and abbreviations in the marketing and advertising industry, and with digital now playing such a key role the list seems to be forever growing. However, here is a new buzz term that has got the industry talking recently and that is; CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation.

For years optimisation has been about numbers, incoming traffic and UV’s (there is another one), but what businesses are finding more and more important is with all the noise and clutter, it is the quality of this traffic and how to convert it into leads, sales and customers. So here are just a couple of simple ideas to help convert visitors to your site and increase CRO.

  • Phone numbers should always be displayed in the header, preferably in the top right hand side
  • Place contact forms and CTA’s (call to actions) prominently and in another colour to capture attention
  • Use actual photography of your business and people, not stock photography
  • Remove distractions and create lists and bold text rather than burying the content within a paragraph of text
  • Add contact forms on key pages
  • Consider the use of Javascript pop up surveys
  • User experience (UX) with easy navigation and decluttered content
  • Dedicated mobile content and design with a mobile first approach to design and navigation, if your market warrants it – a responsive design is no longer good enough.
  • Effective and efficient forms of transaction, from enquiries and bookings to payment gateways and after pay options
  • Use AI to automate much of the process, from introduction to follow ups

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