The difference between running ads on Facebook Ads Manager vs Boosting Posts?

Many business owners who are new to Facebook are usually faced with a small issue, reach. Starting a new business page with purely organic posts is going to be near impossible to a build large following base due to the recent Facebook algorithm changes, hence, Facebook has now largely become a pay to play type platform, ensuring ads play a crucial role in how the system maximises returns and results. There are two main options when it comes to promoting content, option one: Facebook has given users an option to boost a post straight from the timeline to reach X amount of people for X amount of money to give the business a quick and easy nudge to reach a larger audience – all within a matter of a few clicks. Through boosted posts, the user is given basic demographical and interest-based targeting options which is very straight-forward, convenient and easy to do.

Option two uses a more refined and advanced platform, titled Ads Manager to promote posts, this requires a bit of time and effort in getting used to, but provides the users more control on how they spend their investment, due to more targeting, pricing and bidding options to choose from. It also allows businesses to be more creative with their ads, choosing from various ad formats such as carousel ads, canvas and more.

At the end of the day, which format works for you, also comes down to the business objectives and budget; what goals does the business want to achieve? Boosted posts is easily accessible and may be suitable for short-term to quickly reach a large audience, however, with the wide range of customisation and options available on Ads Manager, it is the recommended tactic to complement a businesses overall digital strategy and those preferred by agencies and digital media buyers.

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