What Exactly Makes A Great Facebook Ad?



Facebook Advertising has come a long way for advertisers and businesses to use as part of their digital strategy. It is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform with 2.2 billion monthly active users and serves as a great platform to not only connect with people but also for companies to advertise their brand for mass reach and use of effective targeting through Ads Manager.

The giant social networking website has certainly evolved and changed in terms of its algorithms therefore, as advertisers, it is crucial to understand these changes as well as the latest trends to create effective ads. Optimised ads are going to ensure that the budget gets spent wisely and that it will boost ROI.

So, what are the key elements to creating a great Facebook ad?

Visual content – Having a visually appealing image with very little to no text overlayed is seen favourable in the Facebook algorithm and is also going to stand out amongst the clutter in the Newsfeed. This type of content will have a higher chance of getting liked, shared, commented on which increases user engagement.

Relevancy – Making sure that the ad is relevant to the target audience because the more relevant it is, the more it will be noticed because consumers are known to have selective attention. They only see what they are most interested in, everything else gets ignored or goes unnoticed.

Offer value – Having a clear benefit or value proposition that is going to entice users to click on the ad instead of a competitor.

Call-to-action – a great ad must always have a clear CTA to tell the target audience what to do next after they have read the ad. Adding a sense of urgency encourages them to take a desired action.

Advertising on Facebook has now become paramount to modern day digital marketing and businesses who are not yet on board with this strategy, or at least with one other form of digital media, are going to struggle to keep up. If you want to learn more about how Facebook Advertising can help your business, contact the Myadd team at admin@myadd.com.au