Good website design should consider…

1. People like text more than images
Contrary to what you might think, the first thing users look at on a web page isn’t the images. Most casual visitors will be coming to your site looking for information, so they’ll scan the words before they look at photos.

2. Initial eye movement focuses on the upper left corner of the page
People read on screen in a capital F formation and, as a result, most computer applications are designed with the top left hand side as the main focus.

3. Fancy formatting and fonts are ignored
Websites are becoming more saturated with adverts- and reader behavior is changing as a result. Text that looks too fancy could be glossed over, as some readers may assume these areas are ads.

4. Show numbers as numerals
Readers will find it much easier to find factual information on your site if you use numerals instead of writing out numbers. Remember the points made above and make it easier for readers to find what they need from your site.

5. Type size influences viewing behavior
Smaller fonts increase focused viewing behavior, while larger fonts encourage scanning.

6. People generally scan lower portions of the page
You can use this habit to your advantage if you give readers something to latch onto when they’re scanning your page. Highlight certain sections or create bulleted lists so information is easy to find and read in the footer.

7. Shorter paragraphs perform better than long ones
Information on your page should be designed for the short attention span of most Internet users. Keep paragraphs and sentences short unless context mandates otherwise, such as descriptions or for SEO.

8. Bigger images get more attention
If you are going to use images on your page, bigger is better. People are more interested in an image where they can see all of the details and information included clearly.

9. Faces in images attract more eye fixation
While they might look good with your design, abstract and artsy photos aren’t going to garner much reader attention. If you’re using photos with people in them,make sure they are clear, easy to read shots.

10. Headings and lists draw the eye and hold the reader’s attention longer
One of the first things readers have been found to look at on a webpage are headlines. Use numbers or bullet points to highlight important information within your content.

11. Navigation tools work better when placed at the top
Send readers in the right direction by making your navigation easy to find and place it at the top of the page.

12. White space is good
While it might be tempting to put something in every corner of your page, it’s actually better to leave some of your site free of any text. Sites with too much going on tend to overwhelm users and they ignore a large part of the content.