Google Hummingbird and Content Trends

Gone are the days when you could bluff a search engine into getting you hits for your page.

In August 2013 Google launched an updated SEO algorithm in a move towards a more semantic search thereby trying to answer your questions, giving users more relevant search results.

This means Google continues to get smarter and smarter in its hunt for accurate results with this update, which is a good for the searcher, but not so good for business that are not adequately or correctly targeting their audiences.

At Myadd we continuously shift, change and grow our focus so we can help you answer as many questions as possible that your site viewer and web audience is asking. This is accomplished by creating targeted website content on all the products and services you offer.

Along with this shift is co-posting blogs on social media networks, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to form part of the regular updates being made to a your site.

It is now important to include Google+ on your list of social media networks, as Google has recently started to implement changes called Google Authorship, whereby, Google shows Author information within search results and gives a face to the author of the content, improving where you land within search results on specific queries relating to content in blog posts.

Driving traffic to a website is only half the battle, once the user has found and landed on your website, you should continue to make an impression and ultimately prompt enquiries. We realise that products and services do not change every day, however consider a news blog to keep updated content on your site. These blogs combined with information on products, prices and services become important elements when seeking to convert a viewer into a lead.

It is also worth noting that Google continues to change the SEO landscape providing new ways to make your website visible, reinforcing the need to stay on top of the game. An even greater challenge and one to be mindful of when considering your digital strategy and what your competitors may be employing to enhance their website presence.