Google Reviews and why they are crucial

In 2019 the terms ‘Google it’ or ‘Youtube it’ are more apparent than ever! Some may even remember a time and ask; what did we do before we could Google it? The point is this approach has led to Google, and to a lesser extent, other search engines acting as the first point of contact for many consumers when researching or making a decision on who they contact for their next product or service – in-fact a recent online survey and research highlighted approx. 90% of people can be influenced by online reviews of a business^. Hence why this form of communication and branding is now so crucial to your online and physical business success. So lets take a look at Google Reviews in more detail below;

What does a Google Review effect?

Map Ranking and SEO – Yes believe it, as part of Google’s ever evolving algorithm Google not only ants to you know what you do, but how you are perceived. Just check out your Google Maps and see the top ranking businesses listed first with their reviews now more prominent.

Results – with so much energy now invested in online marketing, high and positive Google Reviews assist with your overall objectives and conversion rates

Decision and purchase – Ultimately influencing a customer to make contact and order / purchase your product or service, based on other peoples testimonials

How do you initiate reviews, respond to negative reviews and encourage good reviews?

Invite – initiate customers to leave reviews

Be active – update your Google Business page with recent photos, business information and events

Respond – thank customers for their positive reviews and respond to any negative reviews

Promote – use third party software such as One Locals Reviews Edge to send your customers text or surveys to leave a positive review

CTA – Please call to actions on your website prompting reviews or links to current reviews

For more information on third party software such as Review Edge or help on increasing and promoting your Google Review, contact us today.