Google’s Mobilegeddon

If you don’t already have a mobile website what are you waiting for?!

Google has long been a proponent of mobile searches, gradually helping the technology along by offering a distinct layout for mobile searches. Mobile users would see mobile-friendly sites listed in higher positions than non-mobile-friendly sites, and would have better overall online experiences because of it.

As we have stated previously Google took their commitment to mobile online experiences a step further on April 21st, 2015, when they unleashed the unofficially nicknamed “mobilegeddon” update. While the hype was much more dramatic than the actual algorithm change, the new mobilegeddon rules determine whether a site is mobile-friendly or not, and either reward or punish that site accordingly — both on mobile and desktop searches. If you haven’t updated your site to be mobile compliant by now, you’re already behind the times and could be missing out on significant search traffic.

To change this Myadd can develop a dedicated mobile website for just $20 per week, providing your business with a simple solution at a cost effective rate. This is the perfect alternative to waiting to build your new mobile website at a later date when you feel you are ready to tackle this and allocate the necessary budget.