Is TikTok Right For My Business?

Tik Tok. Two words that have taken the social media world by storm since its rise in 2020 (thanks lockdown). Maybe you have heard of Tik Tok or possibly already an avid user of the entertaining app, either way there is no doubt this platform has gained insane popularity over these few years.

It has become so popular that even YouTube has tried to mimic its success by introducing a new feature known as ‘YouTube Shorts’, followed by Instagram who also launched a new feature titled ‘Reels’ to keep up with this increasing success.

So, what is Tik Tok exactly? Essentially it is an app which allows users to create, upload, engage and share videos. It’s mainly known however as a platform where funny and entertaining videos are made and shared. And thanks to its growing popularity Tik Tok has now grown to even competing with likes of Instagram and Facebook within the advertising space. While its popularity is sky rocketing, it may have you thinking ‘is Tik Tok right for my business?’

Just like any other social platform, to sign up and start using the app is free. When you first download and open the app, you will be greeted with endless entertainment on all sorts of topics. Amongst the endless streams of captivating clips are also many small businesses showcasing their products and services with short and clever clips. This can range from ‘packing and order with me’ to ‘creating a product’ behind the scenes type of videos. These have proven to be popular and grab the attention of audiences who recognise the hard work that goes into creating just one product.

When it first appeared on the market Tik Tok was known for capturing the attention of a younger audience, meaning many of an older generation were slow to warm towards the app as it was deemed amongst peers ‘too young for them’. Over time though, the stigma changed, allowing for new blood to sign up to the app and the potential for businesses to showcase what they can do.

Now while Tik Tok may not be the right fit for everyone, it’s also good to consider the advantages it has to offer. As of April 2022, Tik Tok has 7.38 million users aged 18 and above1 in Australia alone! With 800 million active users world-wide, spending an average of 52 minutes on the app each day, it is widely speculated the success to its growth is because of the focus on light-hearted and entertaining content. The ability to create videos with such easy and effective tools is another reason why the platform has been picked up by many.

And just like any social platform,  Tik Toks ad component has become popular in its own right. With its easy navigation and low-cost advertising, small businesses have been able to learn and grow with ease as it appears. Audience is also a key factor in determining whether your products/services will be well received. In early 2022, 55.3% of TikTok’s ad audience in Australia was female, while 44.7% was male.

With all these benefits, where is the downfall? Whilst it has come a long way and helped ignite many businesses to reach a larger audience, the app still has a reputation for being known for its ‘funny carefree videos’ and such. It could have the potential to also bring down a professional brands reputation if they post along with video trends trying to keep up with times. Plus, polished, and professional content is not the focus of Tik Tok meaning all that hard work put into a well-produced video can be drowned by organic iPhone quality clips.

So before you pick up the camera and get filming, be sure to factor in all the aspects of your business and determine ‘what is it that I am trying to showcase to the world’.