Microsoft Edge

Lets start by facing some cold hard truth about Internet Explorer – It sucks! For over 20 years, the default web browsing experience in Windows has been Internet Explorer and that is in essence the only reason why people use it, it was installed as the default web browser for many home and business PC users. Over the years, Internet Explorer or IE has became unsecure, confusing to use, and hated by many users. A lot of people turned to alternatives, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and more as a result and with Windows 10 Microsoft will scrap everything it had done previously with Internet Explorer and build an entirely new browser from scratch, they claim, one that will combine Internet Explorer and offer a modern, fast web browsing experience for Windows users. That browser is here and it is called Edge.

So lets look at it a little closer!

Internet Explorer will also comes with Windows 10, although it will be hidden in the OS. But Edge will be the default browser, and it will be available across Microsoft’s product line, from PCs to smartphones to Hollo Lens and Surface Hub. Microsoft said it built Edge to be clean, tight, and responsive. Microsoft does note that it has done some work to make sure websites that are designed for browsers like Safari or Chrome still work well on Edge, which has long been a problem with IE. After IE, Microsoft has some work to do to rebuild users’ trust, and the company says the days of cluttered, unwanted task bars and constantly changing home screens from despicable apps are long gone. Edge uses its own rendering engine, which was built off of IE 11’s engine, but slimmed down. Speed & Loading times: Edge will be a great improvement over IE 11 in terms of speed. It will aim to compete with Chrome in regards to performance in other areas too.

Time will tell, but for now IE 11 will still be supported by Microsoft, but this will eventually change as the number of users for this old browser decrease. So why is this so important for you and your website? Myadd has always maintained that we aim to build websites that will work 98% of the occasion regardless of the browser, however it is becoming increasingly more difficult to design and build for old browsers, whilst trying to ensure optimal performance and spec is achieved with new and more popular browsers. As a result, clients should not get overly concerned if their website does work or function 100% as it does on other browsers when viewed in IE, as it is effectively a defunct software. To support this claim, recent stats show Australians use of the different browsers favours Chrome above all other browsers with Safari second and daylight third.

Chrome 50.72%

Safari 33.48%

Firefox 3.92%

Edge 3.67%

Samsung Internet 3.57%

IE 2.41%

Source GS