Mobile design and functionality now top priority when building websites

As 2016 fast approaches, mobile and tablet online browsing continues to dominate consumer trends. Earlier this year Google officially announced in ten countries including Australia that more searches are performed on mobile and tablet devices than on desktops. As a result and to ensure we provide the maximum exposure and optimal user experience for our clients customers, as we move into the new year, Myadd will be designing its websites with a ‘mobile first’ design and functionality approach. That’s not to say we have forgotten about desktop browsers – not by a long way.

We understand that every client service, product, demographic and industry are different and each design and project is customised to suit these objectives. However our aim is to provide clients with the complete digital service and hopefully along the way in-part some of our knowledge and experience in an ever changing landscape.

To find out more about how mobile websites work and why they are so important please read the is your website mobile friendly articles below.

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