Myadd Partners with One Local Review Edge Software

Myadd is pleased to announce it has recently partnered with Canadian based One Local’s Review Edge Product! So what does this mean?

Well to start, search engines and social media now act as the first point of contact for many consumers when researching or making a decision on who they contact for their next product or service. In – fact a recent online survey and research highlighted approx. 90% of people can be influenced by online reviews of a business.

The great news is the Review Edge product, supported by Myadd provides businesses the opportunity to prompt and encourage their customers to leave reviews on a variety of connected platforms all via a simple, efficient and automated text or email service from the one easy to use and customisable dashboard. Greater still, businesses can monitor all mentions from connected accounts from this same dashboard, meaning that anytime you are mentioned on these connected platforms such as Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook and others you are not only notified, but records kept all in the one place, regardless of the nature of the comment.

So how does it work?

ONE/. You have a recent customer who has used your product or service and you would like to know their feedback about the experience. Using the software and entering in the customers phone number or email address and details, you can customise the auto generated message asking the customer for their feedback.

TWO/. Upon receiving the message or email, the customer will be asked for their feedback and asked to click on a link to continue. Upon clicking this link, the customer is asked to rate your service out of 5 stars, for all ratings 3 stars or less, the customer is then prompted via the link to complete an internal survey on why they have rated your service how they did – this is then submitted to your company’s preferred email for right of reply and to address privately not via the various review channels available. However if the customer rates their experience 4 or 5 stars, they are then prompted to leave a review via a different link to the preferred platforms you have accounts with such as Google, Facebook etc.

THREE/. For those customers who have provided positive reviews and wish to leave a review via the platform of their choice, the next step is easy for the customer as most people are already logged into their accounts on their phones, they are taken straight to the review page for comment and submission and that’s it!

Better yet, the software even has a feature to scrape this data and automatically sync the best or latest reviews to your website, providing credibility for any testimonials and another place where potential customers can read and digest real peoples reviews.

The message or email is completely customisable with your own branding, colours and messaging and can be done as an individual or group batches via CSV uploads, Myadd can even manage this for you and there us no contract – If you would like to see a demo of how this works or for more information and pricing, ask us how today!