Shopify eCommerce and Facebook

Shopify has been one of our eCommerce recommendations for a while now, we love the simple easy to use interface which our clients also find extremely easy to use and love even more. Being a SaaS (Software as a Service) Shopify is continually bringing out new and revised features. Recently they have begun working with Facebook to enhance their ability to have a store within a business’s Facebook page itself, thus allowing you the ability to direct customers to your website or keep the user within the Facebook app to make a purchase.

This enables a quick and easy introduction into the world of online sales for small businesses or possibly an individual selling Artisanal products with a minimal amount of outlay. Upon signing up for the Shopify service and a PayPal Business account you can start selling almost immediately.

Myadd help you through this process, setting up your products for sale with product photography and the configuration of your Shopify site. Once your site is launched, we are able to manage your Facebook and other social media initiatives to drive sales of your products, online. Shopify provides a solid solution for small business enterprises that wish to sell online using their existing website.

To bring your business and website into the lucrative world of eCommerce and make the most of online opportunities and sales, contact us today and we will explain how easy and cost effective this vital sales approach can be for you.