SSL now preferred by Google on all websites

Secure browsing has been a focus for search engines for some time now, however as of the 24th October 2017 Google Chrome is about to step it up a level with the release of Chrome 62.


So what does this mean?

For all websites that feature an online store or are part of our seo package, your website will already contain an SSL and you do not need to worry or read any further, however for those sites that don’t please continue reading.


What function does and SSL perform?

The purpose of installing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is to encrypt the data travelling between your website and your visitors, ensuring that malicious third-parties can’t get their hands on the sensitive data your customers may be typing into your website, such as passwords or credit card details.


How do I know if I already have an SSL installed / enabled?

First, try to visit your website without using any http or https prefix (to see whether your site automatically loads in http or https), for example, type: “” into your browser’s address bar.


What’s changed?

Currently, Google Chrome (which around half of all internet users use to browse online) warns users by placing a “Not secure” label in the address bar if they are visiting an insecure web page that contains a credit card or password input field.
This month, these warnings are set to extend to a further two scenarios:
  1. When a user fills in ANY input field type on an insecure web page (such as a contact form)
  2. ALL insecure web pages when browsing via incognito mode
  3. This is the first step, before compulsory SSL certificates are required for all websites


Will my websites search engine ranking be affected?

Yes, switching from http to https can have an effect on your Google ranking if not managed correctly, as your website address will essentially be changing from starting with http://, to starting with https://, thus giving your website a brand new address as far as Google is concerned. However ensuring you have an SSL certificate installed on your website is a preferred Google requirement and as such is a good SEO best practice for any website.


So, if you’re still running your website without an SSL certificate, now is definitely the time to make the switch over from http to https! Please contact Myadd to organise your new SSL or for further information.