Utilising Facebook for Australian businesses

You may not be surprised to hear that social media has become the number one activity on the web and that more Australian businesses are flocking to the world’s leading social media site, Facebook, to build their brand. After going live in 2004, Facebook in Australia has reached more than 12.2 million active users or 52.81% of the Australian population, and it is estimated that over 45% of Australian businesses are now connected in some shape or form with the social media giant.

Research shows that Australian brands on Facebook average over 40,000 followers per page with significant user involvement, so it is little surprise that from the 45% of Australian businesses tapping into Facebook, 61% update their page daily for marketing brand interaction and it’s not just big business.

Due to its worldwide popularity, Facebook is now considered more than a helpful tool in raising brand awareness, but essential to almost every businesses marketing model. Such exposure of a business on Facebook via general information, posts, advertisements and polls can be multiplied by people liking and sharing, increasing viral and word of mouth advertising for exceptionally low investments. Social media and Facebook in particular has the ability to draw in more potential customers, while also remaining an interactive platform for customers to seek and share information in a more personalised yet social space and where necessary provide feedback to the company itself.

To find out more and discuss the many benefits of adding a social media strategy and plan and how this can help small business please contact Aaron to arrange a time to discuss the many possibilities.