Video pre-roll and how to use it best in 2016

For a while now, YouTube has been the second largest search engine in the world, so it makes sense that video advertising content is now an acceptable part of viewing this platform. However, it is important to remember the best video advertising is watched by web users and not perceived as disruptive. As a result, online marketers have been testing various strategies to see what consumers will tolerate and where ads can deliver strong results. (Prior, midway or post video.) In this article we further explore the benefits of pre-roll.

Pre-roll Builds Brand Awareness

Displaying a video advertisement ahead of the desired video content makes sense, as viewers will not switch off before they have commenced watching the video they intended to view. However, this doesn’t also guarantee they are going to be engaged with your video as they may opt for the click and the skip button that many of these pre-rolls offer. Therefore, while running your generic TV or on page web video can still be effective as a pre-roll option, consider pushing the boundary a bit more with creative ads that entertain and possibly engage the viewer before they watch the intended clip.

A suggestion could be to voice the start of your ad with ‘do not click and skip’ important details follow, or must see information follows.

Research shows that pre-roll ads are extremely effective across several metrics, including brand recognition, brand engagement and intent to purchase.

As video pre-rolls continue to gain momentum across a range of digital platforms, consider this relatively new form of video advertising as part of your 2016 digital marketing budget. Myadd’s production team will explain how easy this is and how cost effective your pre-roll can be.