What does Apples iOS 14 changes mean for advertisers?

What changes have recently occurred and what does this mean for businesses?

Apple recently released and introduced a number of privacy metrics and policies for consumers of their products. This includes transparency of what information, data and personal details apps collect from your phone when you download the app from the Apple App Store. 

As a result, Apple’s new policies will prohibit the collection and sharing of some user data which was previously available, it is worth noting, users can opt in to tracking to allow apps to collect and use their data… but who would?

Apple’s new policies bring users greater control over what data is collected and used, allowing users to opt out and provide higher levels of restrictions to what data apps can use. But what does this mean for advertisers? These policies have the greatest impact on retargeting and remarketing campaigns which utilise ad personalisation. Additionally, these changes will impact ad reporting and limit both web and app event conversions.

Facebook is implementing a number of changes to work with Apple’s policy adjustments. These include Facebook’s Aggregated Event Measurement, SDK updates, App Events API and Mobile Measurement Partners. This requires some action from Facebook advertisers to get the most out of their campaigns, especially remarketing. Actions to track events across apps require more work, opposed to web events which require only several small changes including, domain verification, limiting the number of web events to 8, review active pixels and the data sources.

Additional impacts include statistic modelling to be used to account for some conversions, which will most likely impact the accurateness and timeliness of reporting and may result in ads needing to be edited and optimised for landing page views or link clicks, assuming the appropriate web events are not able to be created. Additionally, audience sizes may also decrease, limiting your reach and will likely exclude users on iOS 14 devices.

For more details visit Facebooks help centre regarding the issue https://www.facebook.com/business/help/331612538028890?id=428636648170202