What Is Waze Advertising?

What Is Waze Advertising And Should You Start Using It?

Waze was launched last year by Google and this new app is fundamentally very similar to Google Maps, however, with two key differences its main focus is to alert you about traffic conditions, in real time which could be very beneficial before you head off on your daily commute.

It also provides another service by connecting you to local businesses while on the move. Waze Ads allows business owners to buy advertising on the app to reach commuters while they are in the  proximity of their business, whether it’s a movie theatre, retail store or hairdresser.  In fact any small to medium business can get on board and reap the rewards.

For as little as $2 a day businesses can buy ads on this new app. Users will then receive notifications on their mobile; based on their location in real time.

Imagine your audience or next customer is driving home from work, hungry and they receive a notification that you, their local Thai restaurant has an evening special and which means they could pick up their meal on the way home. Dinner sorted!

Of course we need to be aware of our laws in relation to the use of your mobile phones while driving, but this new app is a definite bonus when passengers can respond to the notification rather than the driver.

Advertisers can choose form 3 types of ads:

  • Zero speed takeover ads – which appear on the top third of your screen when the car stops
  • Branded pins – appear along your route
  • Promoted search ads – appear when you are searching for something on the app

Advertisers pay based on CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). Waze’s current user base still small compared to Google Maps, with approximately 100 million monthly active users. Whereas Google Maps has more than 1 billion.

However, this new technology is changing the way people behave and make decisions while they are out and about and it allows local businesses to reach an audience that is close by, in real time.

We know that convenience is often a key factor when it comes to making decisions and Waze seamlessly integrates a system to our everyday lives and more importantly, it works. It will be interesting to see the application’s growth.

If you are interested in learning more about Waze Ads and whether it’s right for your business, contact the Myadd team today.

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