What makes a great website? Part 2 Content and Contact Page

In our second article of What makes a great website, we focus on the content and contact pages. Again we have create the below wireframes to assist and help you visualise the layout of these key elements

Website content page essentials
Again the logo and phone number should be in the header and visible on all pages, with the phone number usually located in the top right hand corner still and as it should go without stating, the menu accessible via all internal pages.

Location, Location, Location
Again on your internal content pages, ‘above the fold’ should feature a banner or video area to promote your product or service relevant to this page, whether it be a call to action, special, product information or announcement – this is the most important real estate on your page. We often refer to this in the industry as the ‘hero image’.

Content is King
Ensure your site has unique, interesting and informative content is well written for actual humans, not bots, contains keywords about your product, service, business location, quality images and or video and where visitors can find out more. Content should be consistent for all internal pages, although it can vary in layout, functionality and CSS if the page allows and to keep it interesting, without losing continuity.

Mobile friendly, navigation, compatibility and the footer should all remain fundamental and as covered in part 1 of this article.

Website contact page essentials
So now we get to what is often called the money making page, if you have Google Analytics, your contact page should often be in your top 3-5 pages of your site, this means people are liking what they see or read and want to contact you to find out more. In short, the same principals apply as previously covered with regards to home and content pages, however this page should also feature; a contact form (not just email link) with captcha to mitigate spam and bots, clear and easy to read location / contact details, including if multiple locations exist, map with certified Google Maps API and again ensure that the phone number is clickable on mobiles, so visitors can call you straight from this link.