Why Should You Advertise On LinkedIn?

For starters; LinkedIn advertising is a rapidly growing platform with the potential to reach over 550 million active users worldwide who are business owners, working professionals, graduates or students looking for a career opportunity. The audience use the platform to connect with business contacts or friends, learn new skills by viewing latest trending articles or videos, network and build on their career path.

Secondly and most importantly, unlike most other social platforms that are generally targeted to B2C, LinkedIn is unique because of its B2B approach that enables you engage with a community of professionals to drive actions and leads that are relevant to your business, and as such attracts a premium price. Depending on the targeting criteria and competition within the industry, a cost-per-click (CPC) can go as high as $12 a click, however, it is a platform that can provide a good ROI if optimised.

Currently, LinkedIn has three different ad formats to choose from; including Sponsored Content, Sponsored Inmail and Text Ads. Depending on your business objective, these types of ads can be effective at delivering relevant content for quality prospects at a targeted audience. LinkedIn Advertising gives you the ability to target your customer very specifically in terms industry, degree, job titles, geographic location and more. This ensures that your ad will be relevant and seen only by your target audience you know will be interested in your product or service – that means ad spend waste is minimal!

So what’s next? We will continue to see LinkedIn incorporated into today’s digital strategy due to its unique targeting capabilities and measurement tools. If you would like to consider LinkedIn Advertising for your business, get in touch with the Myadd team at admin@myadd.com.au