How To Work With The New Facebook Algorithm Update

Facebook’s platform collects an ample amount of data from its 2.2 billion users and as a result, its algorithm is constantly evolving to arguably provide people a better online experience.

The latest change comes from a push for more ‘meaningful interactions’ with friends and family instead of letting posts from brands dominate people’s timelines.

In a nutshell, meaningful interactions are defined as posts that receive high engagement with likes, reactions, shares over Messenger and comment replies due to additional required effort for interaction. For Facebook to consider which posts receive more exposure and visibility, is also be based on past historical data; content that has received heavy previous engagement in the past will continue to be shown on timelines however, those that have none or a very low interaction rate will see a further decline in reach.

This makes it crucial for businesses to create quality content that their target audience wants to see and interact with which is not always an easy task to do. One of the most powerful and effective methods of content, is video content – especially live videos as they often generate discussion among viewers which Facebook favours.

Live videos on average receive six times as many interactions and are easily discoverable on the broadcaster’s page as well as the newsfeed; with a notification getting sent to followers prompting them to tune in.

Understanding these algorithms is crucial as it will allow for businesses to develop a digital marketing strategy that will be effective and work in line with these updates, not against.

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