To Yellow Pages or not to Yellow Pages?

Once again it is that time of the year where the decision to invest in Yellow Pages for another years needs to be made.

Before exploring the rational to assist you with your decision to continue with the Yellow Pages or not, ask yourself these questions;

  1. When was the last time you used a Yellow Pages to locate a product or service?
  2. Have you noticed the dramatically reduced size of the book?
  3. How do you now search for a product or business?
  4. What else could your advertising dollars buy if you don’t ‘do’ the Yellow Pages?

If you have already asked yourself these questions, then you on the verge of not only reducing your ad for the final time but perhaps making the decision to not feature in the Yellow Pages at all. We get it, after so many years and steady results leaving the Yellow Pages for good can seem like a daunting proposition. However, if you have taken the necessary steps by reducing your ads over the past 5 years, then toughen up, be bold and take the final step to cancel it all together and here is why;

The book getting smaller and smaller is not a sign of saving paper or reduction in font size, it is your competitors realising it is no longer a cost efficient medium and there are better forms of advertising to invest in that target their demographic.

People of all ages search online, yes even the older demographic and whilst there are SEO benefits to YP online, search engines are now so powerful there is no need to type your business search into a directory such as YP online to return relevant results. The same key words can by typed straight into Google’s search.

In addition, the investment required for a full page YP ad in the Adelaide market is enough to either buy a substantial 12 month radio package, a solid call to action TV campaign for four different key retail months or enough to invest on a complete SEM strategy that encompasses PPC, SEO, Social Media and display retargeting for a whole year – that’s right the place where your former Yellow Pages audience is now searching. Consumers are hungry for information and seek their answers quickly and while on the move when interested in services or products they want or need to buy.

Because we are client loyal not medium or network loyal, let Myadd Pty Ltd organise cost effective digital or electronic strategies that will reach your former Yellow Pages followers and today’s progressively thinking consumer. We specialise in PPC,SEO and Social Media and we will offer you professional, proven and unbiased advise on how best to market your business with the Yellow Pages money you’ve saved.