Zip pay and After pay to play a big role in 2018 and beyond

Today more than ever we live in a society of credit and debt, where self gratification is second nature and we are no longer expected to have to wait for anything. From on demand streaming services of audio and video to ride sharing transport and lines of credit, we have become accustomed to getting what we want immediatley, often paying for it later. And whilst we are not here to argue the moral implications this has on society, the fact is in 2018 if you are selling products online you should have a form of after payment to help facilitate this thirst for immediate gratification.

Therefore all online E commerce websites should not only have a range of payment options through payment gateways, but should also offer finance on larger purchases and subscribe and install such credit facilities as Afterpay or Zippay to ensure they maximise their opportunity to covert potential customers.

The benefits of Afterpay for consumers, is there are no credit checks as long as you have a working credit or debit card. Anyone over 18 can apply and there are no fees or interest – nope never! No wonder so many consumers love it!

To enquire further about the benefits of after payment services and how best to apply them to your website and digital marketing strategies, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.