3 New Changes On Facebook To Look Out For

The ever-evolving world of technology and algorithms are constantly changing; Facebook is no different. As you may already know, Facebook is the number one social media networking site with over 2.38 billion monthly active users as of March 2019 (Noyes D, 2019).

Facebook’s recent push for genuine interaction and emphasis on personal relationships has led to many changes within the network. The purpose of these updates aim to create genuine engagement, therefore, it is important to understand these and keep up to date to ensure brands can leverage off these new changes. In this article, we look at 3 new changes on Facebook.

3D Photos – Users can choose to create a 3D photo on Facebook by uploading the image and Facebook will use its AI to build out the image and give it a 3D effect. Note, only the latest smartphones with dual cameras can utilise this new feature. The use of 3D photos can be very powerful and valuable to brands that leverage it well.

Banned words and discriminatory targeting – Facebook will disapprove ads that do not adhere to their strict advertising policies. Besides from the obvious such as weapons, cryptocurrency, tobacco and pyramid marketing schemes, Facebook has also put a ban on certain words and discriminatory targeting. These include words relating to certain cultures and or race.

Use of hashtags – Hashtags is now also available on Facebook. The use of hashtags will turn topics or certain phrases into clickable links in a post. When a person clicks on the hashtag, they will see more results related to that phrase and learn more.

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