Important: Recent Website Contact Forms

Posted: December 21, 2017 By: Web Myadd

As today’s technology, online security and mechanism to send and receive email correspondence continues to evolve and become more intricate, it is important to recognise changes in how mail delivery is sent from websites. Further with the growth of Crypto currencies, the sophistication of spam bots has increased over the past 6 months adding to.

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Microsoft Edge

Posted: November 19, 2017 By: Admin

Lets start by facing some cold hard truth about Internet Explorer – It sucks! For over 20 years, the default web browsing experience in Windows has been Internet Explorer and that is in essence the only reason why people use it, it was installed as the default web browser for many home and business PC.

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SSL now preferred by Google on all websites

Posted: October 11, 2017 By: Web Myadd

Secure browsing has been a focus for search engines for some time now, however as of the 24th October 2017 Google Chrome is about to step it up a level with the release of Chrome 62.   So what does this mean? For all websites that feature an online store or are part of our.

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Hashtags: If, where and how you should be using them

Posted: July 20, 2017 By: Web Myadd

One of the questions that I am most frequently asked is, ‘Should I use hashtags?’ This comes up every time that I launch a new social media profile and every time I take over management of an existing profile. Once a categorising tool or a talking point for online forums, they have today become a.

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Common mistakes on the ever-changing Facebook algorithm

Posted: July 14, 2017 By: Web Myadd

I am often asked how to grow a Facebook page’s reach, engagement and overall number of followers – but then I find that the advice that is widely available is not widely (forgive the pun) followed. Businesses often get into the habit of promoting what they want to sell, which is all well and good.

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Roadblocking, what is it and why?

Posted: June 1, 2017 By: Admin

As the name suggests Roadblocking advertising has been a strategy utilised to block and capture the customers or viewers attention, irrespective of what medium or channel they are viewing. Now it is fair to say this strategy is very difficult to implement these days with the introduction of so many new mediums and channels within.

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Facebook Cover Videos – Be Creative With Video

Posted: May 28, 2017 By: Leah N

Facebook Cover Videos Are Now A Thing Now! When users visit your Facebook business page, the first thing they usually notice is the cover image. This is because the header image takes up the majority of the page. First impressions count so make the cover stand out to achieve stronger brand recognition. All in a.

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What is a google quality score and why does it matter?

Posted: April 1, 2017 By: Leah N

Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) is one of the most powerful marketing methods available for businesses to reach out to potential customers who are actively searching for a specific product or service. The google quality score is one of the key factors to consider when it comes to optimising Google Ads because it.

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5 Web Design Trends for 2017

Posted: March 14, 2017 By: Admin

Leading into the new year, we have done a little research into the upcoming trends among the web design community. A great article, by John Moore Williams of Webflow, highlighted a number of these trends that we too aim to consider when developing new concepts for our clients. Let’s take a look at some of.

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Why keeping your website content up-to-date is crucial to your business

Posted: February 8, 2017 By: Web Myadd

In the digital age we live in, having a website for your business is vital. However, equally as important is keeping your website content up-to-date. Fresh content is beneficial to your business for many reasons. Here we take a look at why keeping your website content current is important and how it will help your.

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Should your business be on Instagram?

Posted: January 11, 2017 By: Web Myadd

Instagram is a powerful social media tool. The fastest growing social network in Australia, the image sharing platform has seen a re-positioning in the social networking market in the past couple of years, beginning with the launch of Instagram ads in late-2015 and the roll-out of Instagram For Business throughout early to mid-2016. With the.

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